*What is the “Monkey Squad”?*

*What is the “Monkey Squad”?*


We are always striving to insure the best quality and highest satisfaction for our customers and consignors at each event. Please note we will be making some quality adjustments for our FALL sale.

Consignors have the option to join the “Monkey Squad” and help during the sale. “Monkey Squad” members help in the selling of their items, and help make the event even better with their amazing organizational skills! Squad members can choose a 4-hour slot that works best with their schedule. Some “Monkey Squad” members like to choose a time when fellow consigning friends or relatives are helping.

“Monkey Squad” members are invited to shop the presale event. This means members shop the awesome and largest selections, PLUS the more a “Monkey Squad” member helps, the less commission they pay to Monkey Business.
“Monkey Squad” members also will receive a t-shirt, in addition, to their invitation to shop the presale event. That is just a small “THANK YOU” for being an awesome member.

“Monkey Squad” member shift options

OPTION #1: Consignors who help for 4 hours pay Monkey Business a 30% sales commission (keep 70%). They receive a FREE t-shirt and a presale pass!
OPTION #2: Consignors who help for 8 hours, with 4 of those hours helping during a sorting shift, pay Monkey Business a 25% sales commission (keep 75%), and receive a t-shirt PLUS a presale pass!
This option #2 also allows members the opportunity to shop 1/2 price sale on Friday night AFTER the sale closes to the public at 7pm.


You MUST BE a consignor to be a “Monkey Squad” member and shop early.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but to be a “Monkey Squad” member, you must be a consignor (selling 25 items or more).
TWO options you may want to consider if you do not have items to consign 1)ask a friend who does consign if you can put 25 items under your name. You give them the proceeds and as a consignor you get to shop presale. 2) Purchase a few cheap items from a garage sale, make your money back by consigning them, in turn you would receive a presale pass and be eligible to be a “Monkey Squad ” member.

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