Item Drop Off

Please enter through the North doors at the Agri-Plex when dropping off your items.

When preparing your clothing for drop off, please bring clothing in bundles of 25 so they can be easily counted by our inspectors. In an effort to improve the overall quality of the sale, we are now requiring consignors to put their own items on the sales floor following inspection. This will allow our complete drop off volunteer force to concentrate more on the inspection of items coming in rather than just trying to get it all out on the floor. Inspectors will be able to be more thorough at the time of inspection rather than our shoppers finding stained items we have missed during a rushed inspection.
Please continue to bring your clothing sorted by SIZE and SEX (ex. all 3T boys clothing together, all 12 month girls clothing together, etc.) You can bind sizes together with rubber bands, ribbon, etc. This is VERY MUCH appreciated.