VIP Tagging Service

Let Us Do the Tagging for You
And Still Make 50% on Your Sales!

Have stuff but no time? Use our VIP Tagging Services and get those closets cleaned out!


Consignors who want to take advantage of the service will call and schedule a time slot to dropoff items. Only 2 consignors a week can sign up.

Weeks that VIP items are being accepted:

Sept. 24, 2018
Oct. 8, 2018

REMEMBER only 2 consignors each of those 2 weeks, so if you want to use this service you need to call ASAP!!!

How it Works

  • Contact or 580-320-3605 and make arrangements to drop off your items. We will use our own supplies(hangers, tags, etc.)
  • We price your items using our guidelines and tag them.
  • You decide if you want all items to be sold 1/2 off on discount day and if you want unsold items to be donated.
  • After items are tagged, they will be delivered back to YOU and YOU will be responsible for dropping them off at the sale.
  • You still have early shopping privileges and can volunteer to earn extra money.
  • You will receive a check for 50% of your sales!
  • Please make sure you drop off clothing that meets our quality standards. Anything deemed unacceptable by our staff will be donated.

Contact Ashley: for the VIP contract.