*ATTENTION* Date Change

*ATTENTION* Date Change



DATE CHANGE for the ADA sale

ADA Monkey Business Spring/Summer sale April 29-May 1, 2021

Deadline to register and enter items is Monday, April 26 at 6AM

As we all know by now, things tend to change without our control A LOT lately!  I was contacted at the end of last week about a conflict with the dates of our ADA Spring sale.  Remember, I schedule my sale at least a year to a year and a half in advance.  I begged and pleaded with the scheduler to let me keep my dates for the Spring sale.  Due to the Covid vaccination clinic being held at the Agri-plex on the 1st Thursday of the month starting in March, it BUMPED my sale.  The local county commissioners did not consult with the manager at the Agri-plex to check on scheduling or availability of the facility.  EXTREMELY frustrating situation all the way around!!!

I have contacted several places to try to keep the same dates and just switch the location, none have been successful.

Once again, I am so sorry we are having to change the dates.  Several Monkey Business staff specifically take off for the duration of the sale to assist in the operations the week of the sale.  They have to schedule a year in advance to do that. It has put us in a bind, as well as, several of you I am sure!

Please stay safe and we WILL get through this TOGETHER!

Thanks again,

Monkey Business Staff

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